Nominations for the three FREE Online Media Ticket Giveaways

Back on March 4th we announced the Online Media Boot Camp Economic & Brain Stimulus Package and now we’re going to share them all so that the OMBC speakers can vote and decide on the three lucky winners! And just to be sure everyone understood what we were looking for…we did a video.

NOTE: We have a few people that didn’t get their nominations in yet. So…we will announce the 3 winners on Monday, March 23, 2009

Good luck nominees!

Meg Rider  (Nominated by Natalie Hope McDonald)

Dear OMBC Speakers,

When I first joined MANNA several years ago, the communications department had never heard of a cause page on Facebook, tweeting for charity or the power of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. But within the last two years, in addition to managing traditional communications, I’ve been making it my mission to harness the power of social media. As the director of events and communications at this non-profit organization, I want to be able to engage our community and inspire our generous supporters to interact and learn more about our mission. Using social media has allowed MANNA to reach out to more people than ever before, ensuring that even in tough economic times we can stay strong and relevant.

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made using social networking. Two years ago I applied and was awarded a grant from Google that provides free ongoing support via Google Adwords. We’ve also been creating interactive blogs where clients, staff and volunteers share their experiences about being part of an organization dedicated to nourishing our neighbors. On YouTube, I’ve produced and posted more than a dozen videos showing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet in preparation for our annual event Shut Up & Dance. We’ve also chronicled MANNA’s four month renovation on YouTube, where staff members and the construction team showcased the step-by-step progress toward our new office space and state-of-the-art kitchen facility. Both the dancer series and the renovation footage garnered thousands of hits.

Our supporters and volunteers can also interact on Facebook (MANNA has a cause page and a group) and MySpace where volunteers interested in participating in our biggest event of the year Pie in the Sky can become pie sellers and team captains; and they can spread the word to their own networks of friends. I also reach out to friends and supporters on Twitter, alerting them to volunteer opportunities and special events, as well as providing useful tips about nourishment direct from our staff of professional nutritionists. We’ve gained one to two followers every few days that MANNA’s been a part of Twitter.

For as much progress as I’ve made in this social networking sphere, I want to learn even more about strategies, and how I can use them to generate even more support, especially among the next generation of younger, tech-savvy volunteers and donors. One of my biggest challenges is making sure that time spent on a project is profitable, which is why the Boot Camp’s “Selling Online Media Internally” and “Public Relations 2.0” will ideally help me create even stronger media plans that are endorsed by our board of directors and top-level executives.

I’m very much aware of the power and potential social media offers to a non-profit like MANNA. Looking ahead, I know that if these opportunities are not nurtured and expanded, we would be missing out on one of the most integral, important aspects of my job: online communication. It’s my hope that you’ll consider my application to the Online Media Boot Camp (I have transportation and can attend) for the sake of my organization and my ability to share what I learn with others. In so much as I’m a user of social media, I also strive to be a teacher. And, yes, I have my own Facebook page to prove it.

Meg Rider

Laurie Broderick (nominated by Jordan Salvit)

Why should I be selected?

I have spent the last 15 years in senior corporate marketing or advertising agency positions. My expertise has been in “measurable marketing”, advising clients/executives on what content, delivered through what medium, will meet/exceed measurable business objectives. At the end of last October my position was eliminated. Up to that time I had “talked” about web 2.0 tools to use to meet business goals but realized I wasn’t “walking the talk”. I began personally engaging in Twitter, blogs, social networks and really deepening my expertise in these areas. When I saw your conf. announcement I knew I wanted to be there. I’m interested in the subjects and have followed a few of the speakers so would love to meet them in person. However, I can not afford the cost of a ticket. I have started working with client’s on the integration of online media with traditional media to drive consumer and employee engagement and attending this conf would be - a real BRAIN STIMULUS for me.

Thanks for considering me and I have my fingers crossed. Oh, one more point, my son is at Temple University and this would give me an opportunity to visit with him while down in that area.

Laurie Broderick

Anna Young (nominated by Sonny Gill)

Two years ago I was a stay-at home mom who passed the time away on the Internet as the kids were at school. I became completely enthralled as I saw what I was able to discover just by turning on my web browser.

I became so excited by what I was able to learn that I came up with an idea that was able to get my retired father-in-law (a well-known Psychiatrist) to start blogging. I licensed his materials and developed a website, blog and online marketing strategy to have his Personality Style theory information to be shared on the Internet. Since our first phase roll-out, the site has attracted many visitors. We are now looking at a complete re-design, and actually turning ‘interest’ and ‘conversation’ about Personality Styles into conversions by selling and marketing the book.

My enthusiasm for what I was finding on the Internet continued. I was able to share my information with a friend who provided traditional marketing ideas to her clients. She was able to listen to what I told her about what was happening and what I was learning just from being involved on the Internet. I was able to attract her attention to how she could provide her clients a solution to become more engaged with their customers. I now provide social media research and analysis to her firm.

Another friend in California who works for an auto marketing company recently got the email blast from their marketing department wanting to know “Who knows about social media? We need to know about this!” My friend who had become inspired by my experience on the Internet - all the conversations I was having with amazingly talented people, information that was being shared, and just my excitement about what was available – made the call to have me explain the dynamics of what was happening. I was able to provide her the presentation outline that she delivered to resounding success. They were able to mobilize based on my recommendations.

To have the opportunity to attend your Online Media Boot Camp would continue the evolution of a journey that I began long ago in college as a Communications major. Your Online Media Boot Camp would be a wonderful opportunity to validate what I have learned, from professionals who understand the dynamics of what is taking place NOW. I will become equipped with the tools and strategies to succeed.

I accept this nomination to attend the Online Media Boot Camp committing to listen, engage, inspire, attract and mobilize.

(I am aware and understand that all travel costs will be provided by me. Only admission to Online Media Boot Camp is offered with this nomination).

Charlie Tuzzi (Nominated by Jerry Pozniak)

I feel that if I were afforded the opportunity to attend Media Boot Camp, I would be able to apply the techniques learned there to better my corporation. I, along with 3 partners, own and operate 4 successful dry cleaning companies located in Manhattan and Long Island. I acknowledge that I will cover all travel costs and will attend.

However, due to the economy, our corporation has seen a decrease of 20%. As a result, I have been looking to explore every possible avenue to turn this around and gear my company to better weather the storm and emerge from this economic downturn stronger and more prosperous. If I am accepted to attend Media Boot Camp, I feel I will be able to utilize the things I learn to increase my company’s revenue and apply better operating and marketing procedures to all aspects of my company.

I hope that you will consider me for attendance to Media Boot Camp. Thank you.

Charlie Tuzzi

Gloria Bell (nominated by Kendall Schoenrock)

Blog Post: Why Gloria Bell NEEDS to go to Online Media Boot Camp

“Customers and prospects searching the Internet for products, services-and conversation-and the world of marketing has changed forever. Your company, brand and industry are being discussed online… Are you prepared?”  From Online Media Boot Camp

As the owner of Red Stapler Consulting, I work daily with clients who have an online presence (as well as having one of my own).  The mission of my business is to help my clients be more successful and profitable.  The only way for me to succeed in this mission is to be prepared with support, advice and most importantly - knowledge.  The world of social media and online marketing has evolved to a “must-have” for any business person determined to succeed.   This is why I NEED to attend Online Media Boot Camp.  Not only will the knowledge I acquire from the talented and brilliant speakers prepare me to assist my clients, but it will provide me the insights necessary to run and market my business’ online presence better.

Why do I deserve to win a free ticket to Online Media Boot Camp?   My passion for social media is probably the biggest reason.  I have the firm belief that we can and will change the world in multiple ways through the voices that social media and online marketing allow us to spread.  We are continuously redefining how business is done and how we communicate and the most important ways these changes occur are online .  Since becoming involved in social media, I have thrown myself into learning as much as possible and to being as active in the communities as possible.  This is evidenced by my work with Social Media Club, Indy Hall, Geeks Who Give, Twestival, Philly Startup Leaders and just generally being a “loud voice” on Twitter.  Why do I deserve to win the free ticket? Because I can promise that what I learn at Boot Camp will be put to good use as I continue to be a social media evangelist.

While I see this a a must attend event, being a boot-strapped start-up, a free ticket would be a HUGE bonus in allowing me to avail myself of the information and knowledge that will be presented.  I would definitely attend and since fortunately since it is a local event, transportation costs are not an issue.

Thanks to Beth Harte & Li Evans for bringing such an important and timely event to our wonderful city!  And Thanks to all of the speakers - Shashi Bellamkonda, Valeria Maltoni and Mack Collier for being willing to share of their wisdom!


Julie Baylis-Wozniak (Nominated by John Wozniak)
Should I win, I would absolutely attend and can definitely cover any travel costs needed.

As my husband mentioned in his nomination, I am re-starting my career and see this as a wonderful opportunity to bring my skill set current.  I have 15+ years of experience in advertising, production and marketing communications as well as event and creative project management.  My career was placed on hold as the universe decided that my skills were needed to manage both my own health concerns as well as five relatives with health issues ranging from basic eldercare to terminal cancer to end of life care.  It was a lot like getting a degree in patient advocacy - but you can’t put it on your resume.

Having completed my healthcare rotation, my marketing career is having a bit of a ‘Rip VanWinkle’ moment.  Obviously, social networking has enjoyed a boom time and is now the basis for marketing efforts as well.  We are in a transition across all types of media as new technologies overlap(and often marginalize or eliminate)  the traditional  methods.  Thus, the world of human communication remains ever-changing and incredibly exciting!.

Those of us with a passion for writing and communication and marketing must adapt or die.  Our recent presidential election is a great example of how new media can be utilized as a force for change. It was obvious that the traditionalists were left wondering what happened.  I am absolutely amazed and energized at the enormous possibilities of these new frontiers of communication and I want in!

New media is the way forward and I cannot wait to get up to speed.  Finding your website ( ) was the signpost that I needed to show me the new direction for my career.

Thanks again,
Julie Baylis-Wozniak

Cindy Ratzlaff (Nominated by Mary Lengle

I’m delighted to accept the nomination to win a free ticket to the April 9th On Line Media Boot Camp and should I win I will most definitely attend.

As a new startup business, Brand New, Brand You LLC and a 50+ woman, I find myself running as fast as I can to stay current with online media.  The communications and marketing worlds are expanding exponentially faster and faster.  Just a few short years ago I was named to Advertising Age’s Marketing 50 List for “Big Brand Successes” for my work in launch the worldwide brand, The South Beach Diet.  This was in 2004, the dark ages on internet marketing and yet we were one of the first to use the internet to bring a healthy message to millions.

Fast forward.  As a Marketing and Communications executive at companies such as Simon & Schuster and Rodale Inc., I’ve worked on or with more than 60 New York Times bestselling authors and am currently consult with major magazine and publishing brands–all of whom are scrambling to put together online strategies.  I was an early adopter with Twitter and have been using it for more than a year.

You can teach an old gal new tricks.  My high profile clients deserve the very best, most up-to-date information I can give them and that’s where you come in.  I need to know what you’ve got to teach.  In return, you’ll know a top notch tipping point consultant whose 20+ years in the publishing industry will make me a valuable mentor, networker and colleague for you and your other attendees.  Who knows?  You could be empowering me with so many inspiring and motivational ideas about social media and internet marketing that next year I can pay back your generosity by presenting a case study in #OMBC success at OMBC 2.

I will be able to cover all travel costs should I win and have already entered April 9th on my calendar as a “Must attend” date.

Emily Van Winkle (nominated by Christy Belden)


It’s been a busy and fun-filled week so far being on the set for my upcoming vodcasts for a client of mine. And I got some great news… I was nominated to attend the Online Media Boot Camp (! This event couldn’t come at a better time.

I’ve been in the communication industry since I graduated with a degree in public relations in 2004, and recently entered the social media field. Yes, I can use my skills as a public relations professional, but there are some huge differences as well. Basically, I was thrown into a job that’s fast-paced, time-crunched, amazingly fun, and amazingly stressful at the same time. I dug into the reports, the data, the demographics and developed a campaign for a multi-million dollar client. But I’m an information hog. The more information I have, the more bullets I have in my pistol. And no, I don’t carry a pistol

The great line-up you have at this event will give me that added back-up to wow our clients, the owners of our company and to build the social media department. Right now, I’m a one person super woman show, and I consider this area to be my baby. I want to make it grow. I want to make it succeed. I want it to go down those windy paths like Dr. Seuss explains in “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

I know how effective social media can be for a company, and I know I have the drive to make successful campaigns, I just want more ammo. This knowledge will only further my career, and further LeapFrog Interactive and its clients.

Yes, I will travel all costs to get to this event… Even if I have to hitchhike with a car full of clowns! And yes, I will attend even if I have to dress like a clown to be accepted into said car. Although, hopefully I won’t have to do either.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck in your selection process!

Emily Van Winkle

Anne Buchanan (Nominated by Steve Lubetkin)
Video acceptance

Rick Simmons (Nominated by Pete Berol & Beth Brodovsky)

Comment on the OMBC blog: First - thank you for those who have nominated and seconded me. Why do I deserve a ticket: I may not have a large profile outside of the Philadelphia area but I have been raising my profile through speaking engagements and the work we do locally. I am speaking about Social Media to my clients as they ask about it but the lineup being presented at the Bootcamp is unique and would present a tremendous opportunity for me to continue to publicize when I speak - to drive folks to the experts in the space and spread the word. There are not many of us out there who make ourselves available to the chambers of commerce and other local groups. I have heard Valeria and Beth and would greatly love to learn more from these 2 who live what they speak.

Blog Post: Online Media Bootcamp April 9th - I have been nominated

Thanks to the trumpets from the University of California, Santa Barbara I am sounding the call for all to go to this event.

Reasons to go:

  1. Where else local to Philadelphia could you get this kind of value
  2. The knowledge about the material being presented is second nature to the presenters

Now the most important reason - I have been nominated and seconded for a Free - yes Free ticket. I accept the nominations and would love to go to this event.  Since the event is so close I am happy to pay for all necessary travel costs (though even if there were travel costs would be still worth it for this event)

This would be a great event whether I would win or not but putting a sales person into a contest where they have some influence over the outcome allows the competitive spirit to come out. Not that sales people are ever competitive.

I personally know 2 of the presenters and if you do not follow their blog posts and or their twitter activity then you maybe you are not ready for social media anyway.

I was very fortunate to have Valeria from Conversation Agent and Beth Harte from Harte Marketing and Communications as part of a program I moderated for the Center City Proprietors Association (maybe one day they will launch their new website). The quality of the information and the feedback was tremendous.

So tell me what would be the reasons why any of you would not join me on the 9th? The excuses better be good or I will expect to see you all there - I am getting questions daily on the subjects being taught at this program so why not hear about them - in detail from those who live social media.

Beth Brodovsky (Nominated by Rick Simmons)

Comment on the OMBC blog: I appreciate Rick for nominating me. To use a social media tool to emphasize me commitment to building my SM skills, I am twittering reasons to choose me to you one day at a time. In follow-up to my 140 character pitches, I’d like to say the beauty of being self employed is the opportunity to build new knowledge without anyone saying no. The challenge is that it all comes out of a pocket the has too many hands in it. Our client base is member organizations which includes a significant number of nonprofits. Educating myself on integrating social into a cohesive marketing strategy will allow me to support organizations who need all the innovative thinking that can get to retain and engage their members.

Reason 1 to choose me: I will tweet my reasons to pick me - one a day
Reason 2-I’m specialized. My focus on communication in member communities will bring a different perspective to the workshop

Maria Pergolino (Nominated by Brian Carter)

Blog Post: Online Media Boot Camp Nomination Acceptance

I am making this post to accept my nomination for the Online Media Boot Camp.  I was kind enough to be nominated on Twitter by Brian Carter, someone who I am excited to learn from every day about social marketing.  I don’t take the nomination lightly and I hope that many of the followers he has on Twitter took the time to learn about the Online Media Boot Camp when he made the nomination.

I hope they did this because I honestly feel this will be a great event.  I know that the speakers who are presenting care very much about the topic and will do their best to ensure everyone who attends learns something that they can apply to help their personal brand and company’s success.

Because of this I have been very vocal to other marketers in the area about the event.  If I attend, I know one other marketer who will pay to attend the event as well.  She is a respected marketing communications expert who I am sure will be able to add to any conversations at the event.  In addition, I hope to see other familiar faces that I have encouraged to sign-up for this valuable day of marketing training.  This is because I don’t expect to just be given a free pass.  I believe that fundamentaly social media is about give and take, sharing and communication, and I want to demonstrate this as part of my nomination acceptance.

To continue spreading the word I wanted to do more than just post my nomination acceptance or send out a tweet.  Instead, I put my sincere thoughts about the event into a quick video on why someone should attend.  I’m hoping that this will also encourage participation by some other fantastic local marketers who are excited to jump into social media or improve their current efforts.  The video can be found on my blog at or through Youtube (see below).  The reasons I share in this video about why others should attend the event rings true to the reasons I wish to be provided a ticket the event.  (Note, this is the first time I’m using my webcam so while brief, this video took much effort and care.)

I am happy to say that I will be able to cover the cost of travel to the event and that I will be able to attend the event on April 9th.  I hope to see you there!

Britt Miller (Nominated by Gloria Bell)

Blog Post: Online Media Boot Camp!

Hi Everyone!

This is my acceptance speech for Online Media Boot Camp! It’s being run by one of my friends, Beth Harte, so if you talk to her, tell her to pick me!

But let’s get down to Why I Want to Go!  Several reasons really.   First, I love Social Media, down to it’s core.  I just got back from a Philly Tweet Up (#Phillytweetup!) and love how it brings people, and more importantly, IDEAS, together.

I’ve always been a Facebook user, picture uploader, and in the way-back days, a Xanga blogger..  but it wasn’t until I started using several mediums together to promote my art blog (what you’re reading!) that I really understood and grew to appreciate all of Social Media’s possibilities!  I’ve seen this grow from a blog to First Friday events, all through the power of the Internet!

The second big reason I want to go to Online Media Boot Camp, is that I just got the honor of being on the Social Media Team at my work, Independence Blue Cross.  I’m SO EXCITED about this and can’t wait to get started on all the possibilities that SM has in store for this company, and more importantly, the health care field!  I’m so impressed with how Humana has been LiveTweeting their meetings and asking the Twitter world for feedback, how hospitals are LiveTweeting surgeries, and how soon all health records will be online.  I really think this is an opportunity for us to be part of the difference this country will see in health care in the years to come.  So in reference to Online Media Boot Camp - I want to know all there is to know about SM, and have the opportunity to learn from some of the best, so that I can bring these skills back to help my team move forward in the best way possible!

(note: I will cover all travel costs, and I will attend!! ->

And because the majority of my Social Media love came from my love of painting - I did one in honor of the event!  Follow me through the process… (NOTE to Speakers: Please visit Britt’s blog to see the images of the OMBC painting she did.)


Jocelyn Canfield (Nominated by Lauren Conway)

Twas the month before Boot Camp and all through the house, Devices were humming, I double-clicked my mouse.
Trying Twitter and facebook and YouTube and ning…
Then flickr and myspace, then finally Linkedin.
I explored all the sites before me with care To learn social media options out there.
But meeting with colleagues is really my thing And hearing from experts helps it sink in.
But why am I worthy? What case can I make?
My efforts to help other are what takes the cake I’ve worked helping those unemployed to connect
Giving time selflessly … more than you expect.
Coming to boot camp would fill me with joy!
So that social media tactics I can better employ.

Lara Krelter (Nominated by a lot of folks!)

Blog Post: My quest: winning a ticket to OMBC

I love a smart, well executed social media contest and I’m always game to play along–especially for a worthy prize. In my sights at the moment? Winning a free ticket to the Online Media Boot Camp event, one of the social media conferences on my list of top five dream events I’d most like to attend this year.

After my blog post last week attracted the attention of Beth Harte and other conference masterminds, I managed to finagle an #OMBC nomination or two (or four?!) via Twitter today. It was pretty fun.

So why do I want to go? I’m in awe of the great speaker line-up. I love the idea of a small, intimate conference where real connections and conversations can take place. And, to quote Beth in her video promoting the contest, I’m just that into them.

Now, why do I deserve to win? As you can tell from my blog, I love social media and learning. I’ll be an active, enthusiastic, engaged participant at the conference. I’m high energy and fun to have around. I’ve already blogged about the event twice now, two weeks in a row. Once I’ve won my spot at OMBC and paid my own way there, I’ll live Tweet, live blog and openly share everything I learn. And, last but not least, I’m very handy to have around in case of a zombie attack.

So, what do you think, dear readers - do I deserve a winning ticket? Please leave a comment here or send a supportive Tweet to @onlinemediabc if you want to help my chances!

Mary Lengle (nominated by Cindy Ratzlaff)


Please let me begin by offering a hearty thank you to Cindy Ratzlaff , @brandyou, for my nomination and to you and the Online Media Boot Camp for accepting that nomination.  No cliché intended when I say it really is an honor to be nominated and considered.  And, if selected, I will absolutely assume the responsibility for any and all travel costs and will enthusiastically attend the event.

I’ve always believed that people should speak “as though the entire Universe can hear them.”  Now, thanks to this new frontier of social media, the Universe really can hear us!  But with that tremendous access comes great responsibility.  I am desperate for a thorough understanding of this new and ever-evolving world so that I may live up to that responsibility.

With more than 15 years experience developing and managing comprehensive publicity campaigns for clients, my resume includes a high-profile roster of bestselling authors, such as LL Cool J, Denise Austin, and George Foreman.  But my greatest satisfaction has come from working with fairly unknown, yet highly credentialed professionals, such as David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD a pediatrician and founding director of one of the most comprehensive pediatric obesity clinics in the country.  These are people that have genuine and authentic information and resources that can serve a greater good.  I have made it a mission to provide such clients a method and platform of sharing their work at a reasonable rate.

My objective for wanting to participate in the Online Media Boot Camp is fairly simple.  As a professional that provides media relations services to clients, I believe it is my responsibility to include social media as a part of that service. I also believe that it is my responsibility to not only be aware of the various types of outlets, but to help educate my clients and colleagues on how to strategically wade through the landscape and learn to leverage all of the amazing opportunities as a result. The education this conference will provide would no doubt allow me to establish a gold standard of social media consultation in my industry.

So, if that is the case, why not just invest the money to buy a ticket?

I firmly believe that the $449 rate is a tremendous value for the training the #OMBC will provide.  But, as I’ve worked to develop a business model that can suit clients on a limited budget, I just don’t have the resources at the moment to allocate to such opportunities.  That is the most simple truth.

I so appreciate your consideration and look very forward to your feedback.

And regardless of the outcome of my nomination, here’s wishing event organizers and attendees a fabulously successful and productive Online Media Boot Camp! (

Best wishes,
Mary Lengle
Madison & Company, Inc.

And finally…Michael Williams was nominated, but respond.

We are extending the voting over the weekend and will have our three winners by Monday, March 23. If you still want to get your nomination in…please do so by Friday, March 20th!!

Questions? Did we forget you? Let us know ASAP!

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